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Walking 5,000 steps three times per week could add three years to life expectancy

This research by Vitality and London School of Economics (LSE) looks at the individual and societal benefits of forming and maintaining healthier habits.

Pioneering algorithm calculates the number of years individuals can expect to live in good health

New algorithm predicts individuals' healthspan, allowing for personalized lifestyle choices to improve quality of life.

Ground-breaking study shows fitter bodies could lead to fitter economies

New study shows potential for economic growth and longer life expectancy if physical activity levels increase globally.

The largest behavior change study on physical activity - based on verified data - shows Vitality incentives combined ...

A groundbreaking study shows that combining Vitality incentives with Apple Watch significantly increases physical activity levels, leading to better health and wellness outcomes.

Vitality Health International amplifies access, benefits and provider networks across a growing number of markets in ...

Vitality Health International is expanding access to healthcare in Africa through new benefits, provider networks, and a new health insurance plan.

Vitality Health International’s inaugural V-Talk session ignites critical conversations about malaria: a preventable ...

Vitality Health International launched its inaugural V-Talk panel discussion in November 2023 with the aim of addressing critical health, wellness and economic challenges facing the African contine...

The Science of Vitality – 25 years of driving positive behaviour change, and as relevant as ever

25 years ago, Discovery Vitality launched in South Africa, prioritizing prevention and incentivizing healthy behaviors. Now in 37 countries, with over 20 million lives impacted.

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Poor Health at Work is Responsible for £138bn Loss to UK Economy Each Year

Poor employee health costs British businesses £138bn per year in lost productivity due to absence and mental and physical health issues.

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Growing use of talking therapies has potential to reduce other hospitalisations

Vitality reports a 500% increase in claims for talking therapies since 2015, showing a correlation between access to therapy and reduced hospitalisations.

Vitality U.S. Achieves Certified Status by HITRUST for Information Security

Vitality U.S., a global health and wellbeing company specializing in behaviour change, today announced the Power of Vitality platform has earned certified status by HITRUST for information security...

New Vitality Study Reveals: Employers Reduced Claims Costs by 4% and Achieved ROI of 180% from Claims Savings on Heal...

New study by Vitality shows employers cut claims costs by 4% and achieved 180% ROI from health and wellbeing program savings.

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